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This story tells how Wesley Coolledge, 23, has been banned from driving since he was 12. After being stopped by police, and discovered to be over the legal limit, his initial false identity claim collapsed and they realised who he was.

Coolledge was banned for a further 3 years just for the driving rap. The alcohol one is still to come.

What always fascinates me in these stories is how anyone could live a life like that. I mean, to have been in such trouble permanently from at least the age of 12, and to show no signs of trying to crawl up out of the pond and improve yourself. You really cannot believe such people are human, sometimes.

The do-gooders would berate you for thinking that. But what will Coolledge and those like him do next? They have no concept of “rules”, so other people mean nothing to them.

It makes you shudder.

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