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Damien Stansfield, 30, has been sent to prison after being caught driving whilst banned for the 14th time. His previous ban was only 18 months ago and was for 38 months, but Stansfield didn’t think it was necessary to wait out the whole ban.

His defence lawyer seems to be new to this game. Either that, or a worrying new path of blame is manifesting itself:

He was carrying out some work for a customer. He normally has a friend who would test-drive the vehicle but he was not available on that day. He was put under some pressure to return the vehicle as soon as possible.

He made a foolish decision to drive it. He accepts the offence and was fully co-operative at the police station. He accepts he needs some help and advice. He felt under pressure not to let the customer down.

He was let down by the person who normally does the driving.

So, Stansfield’s decision to drive whilst banned – for the 14th time, remember – was some other guy’s fault!

Fortunately, magistrates took this for the load of crap that it was and jailed Stansfield for 17 weeks. He was also banned from driving for 4 years this time.

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