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This came in on the newsfeeds from Yahoo! Answers. Bear in mind that it is American, but you can still draw some massive conclusions about the juvenile mentality and attitude in the 21st Century.

One guy posts a “question”, which runs as follows (all spelling and grammar left in intact):

Whats was worst driving school you ever had?

I recently signed up for a driving school. I was cheap and signed up for the most inexpensive one in my neighborhood. I know how to drive, but haven’t driven in years, so I just wanted to refresh my memory. My driving instructor could barely speak English and so are their other instructors. I almost crashed, because I could not understand what exactly does the guy want me to do.

Even though I signed up for a package, I am leaving this school and now finishing my lessons with them. Safety comes first, and if I can’t understand them I can’t drive safely. Funniest part is the guy yelling in a foreign language. The heck?

I am gong back to my old driving school. I bit pricey, but worth it.

Whats was worst driving school you ever had?

Sorry for the rant. Should have gotten a car back in the days and not forgotten how to drive.

Additional Details

I would probably teach myself, but I don’t have a car. I knew how to drive, but forgot the details after several years of now being behind the wheel. I plan on buying one, once my memory of driving comes back.

It’s worrying that the option to “teach myself” exists, but more worrying still is the answer that the original asker chose as “the best”:

i was born with a psychotic mom and my dad left early. because my mom wasn’t 100% right in the head and didn’t know how to drive properly herself, i had to teach myself how to drive. in a shitbox ’90 Quad-4 Grand Am with no power steering, a slipping transmission, bald tires, and busted tie rods. if i could do it, you can. schools are a waste of money.

As long as idiots like this can “teach themselves” and freely move about the country – even the world – without supervision, then I would have to agree that driving schools ARE a waste of money, particularly in America. I mean, why spend a penny when you don’t have to, and can then drive around in a clearly illegal vehicle for as long as you want? And this guy obviously owes a lot more to his “mom” than he realises.

Meanwhile, most of America continues to have semantic arguments over things like whether banning the use of mobile phones when you’re driving is against your Constitutional Rights! Frighteningly, the barometer seems to be moving towards the “yes, it is” side.

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