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This is an old story from 2011. Note the amendment at the bottom.

That made me smile. Someone found the blog on the search term “Watnall test centre first time pass rate”.

As I reported recently, Watnall began conducting tests from 1 March 2013 on a temporary basis. Pass rates are usually updated every 3 months, and the last publication date was 28/2/2013. They are overall pass rates – they don’t go into detail about how many tries candidates had before passing. Such information has to be requested specifically, and often doesn’t exist anyway.

I have just updated the article I wrote on the probability of passing your test. Basically, if you can drive well then you stand a good chance of passing. If you aren’t ready for your test then you stand a good chance of failing. It’s down to ability – not probability.

Update: Watnall commenced conducting tests again from August 2014.

What is the pass rate at Watnall?

You can find current statistics on the DVSA’s website at GOV.UK. However, the pass rate at any given test centre has no bearing whatsoever on your chances of passing. You need to be able to drive properly to pass the test, and given that you are asking this question I would lay odds that you aren’t familiar with the Watnall test area – and that can affect your chances of passing.

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