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This story from the Herts and Essex Observer tells how Zahid Masood – an illegal immigrant – caused the death of a 19-year old woman as the result of using a mobile phone while driving on the M25 nine years ago. Masood was only a provisional licence holder (i.e. a learner), and so he was uninsured, and not supposed to be on the motorway in the first place.

Following the accident in 2003, he gave false information and somehow managed to slink back to Pakistan like a rat to evade the Law. He returned in 2007 under a different name – God only knows how the British immigration system works if scum like him can do this so easily – and smugly thought he’d got away with it.

At this point, the Judge handling the case demonstrates that total lack of insight common to his kind:

Judge Statman told him: “You had no right to be on the motorway unsupervised. You will appreciate the devastating consequences of your actions…

That is totally wrong. Masood obviously had no “appreciation” of the “devastating consequences” at all. Anyone who is prepared to do what he did – and I mean kill someone, lie, leave the country, then come back illegally whilst still trying to hide – has no appreciation of other people at all.

Masood was arrested in 2012 after an officer who was involved with the previous case recognised him. After 9 years that’s damned good police work!

Masood was jailed for four years and nine months, and banned from driving for 7 years. It’s worth noting that for the offence of causing death by dangerous driving (enhanced by perverting the curse of justice) the judge could have put him away for up to 14 years, and it’s only when you understand the stupidity inherent in English Law that you even partly begin to understand why he got away with the pathetic sentence in question, and why there is no mention of deportation. The seven year driving ban is also meaningless, since his kind will continue to drive illegally anyway.

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