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On the subject of pathetic drivers, I was on a lesson last night and we were driving through the city centre. We’d got to the end of Huntingdon Street Y734 VGE - Black Ford Focuswhen all of a sudden the traffic was at a standstill in the left lane.

It was because some imbecile (Black Ford Focus, reg. no. Y734 VGE) had stopped to turn left into Nile Street – which is clearly marked with No Entry signs because it is a one way road. To make matters worse, someone wasNo Entry Sign coming out of Nile Street and couldn’t emerge because of the traffic overtaking the queue we were in caused by the idiot who’d started it all. So it was a gridlock situation in the left lane.

There’s more than one problem with the people who do these kinds of things. To start with, some of them know what they’re doing is wrong – they’re just arrogant tossers who don’t give a damn. Others are so appallingly bad at driving that they genuinely don’t see road signs, and if they do there’s no guarantee they understand them. And even after all that – in a situation like this one, where it is obvious you can’t go that way when there’s someone blocking the mouth of the road – they’re just too stupid to work it out.

Still, as we finally managed to get past, I pointed out to my pupil the No Entry sign. So at least it provided a further valuable learning topic for the lesson.

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