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One of my pet hates is when I am at traffic lights waiting to turn left or go straight ahead, and the twat on the opposite side turning right decides that he FG56 YPA - Silver Vauxhallsomehow has the right of way. It happened today with a Vauxhall Cavalier (I think), reg. no. FG56 YPA.

What annoys me most, I guess, is how they put their heads down and refuse to make eye contact afterwards (assuming they use their mirrors when driving in the first place, of course). They know they’ve made a bad decision, but are too stupid to learn from it.

On the roads these days there’s a lot of monkey-see-monkey-do behaviour. I get it with some of my pupils, when they start following cars in front (or signal when they do), and I have to point out how dangerous it is, especially when they go out on their own. A good example is the speed bumps along Shelton Street in St. Anns in Nottingham. I can remember when one or two people started driving in the middle of the road to try and avoid them – and within a few months you had every idiot driver doing it, even when traffic was coming the other way.

It’s the same with this traffic light problem. It’s far worse in certain areas – the rough places, where everyone has six kids and owns a Staffie. It used to be only the boy racers or young pillocks who did it (like the one I mentioned above), but it’s got to the stage where even the more “normal” – but horrendously even-less-gifted drivers – do it. Their judgement is appalling.

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