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I have to smile when I look at my site stats sometimes.

I’ve been using computers since the late 70s and I’ve had one since the early 80s. I was “online” before the internet, and I began using the internet proper in the very early 90s. I consider myself to be fairly IT-literate. I can build PCs, fix PCs, programme PCs, and so on.

And when it comes to surfing, I can find anything I want quite quickly using fairly straightforward search terms. It has been a very long time since I had to get even close to typing stuff like the following into a search engine!

  • “* moved to * [offices or premises or branch or building] march 2013 site:.co.uk
  • “[*premises] * [march 2013]” “co.uk”
  • “premises * [march 2013]” “co.uk”
  • “nursery moving premises” april 2013 co.uk

I think that last one – which was actually used earlier this week – was by the same person who tried the others today and yesterday.

If I had to search like that I think I’d give up technology now.

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