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The mind boggles sometimes. The search term “free and cheap franchises” was used to find the blog. What exactly is the person looking for this subject On To A Loser School Of Motoringexpecting? You have to assume they are a new ADI searching for the lowest-cost start-up route, but you then also have to question their business acumen if “free” and “cheap” is their primary consideration.

How on earth do they ever expect to stay in business if this is how they are going to operate? Oh, yes! They’ll drop their prices to get work, too.

They’re on to a loser from Day One.

Unless you get real lucky, business start-ups require money. You cannot do it for nothing if you want to start earning money quickly, and it still takes time to reach stability. Those who try will almost certainly end up failing if they don’t invest at least some money in their venture – and “end” doesn’t have to refer to the distant future, because if you have bills to pay you can’t go for more than a month or two without being able to cover your expenses.

I’ve noticed over the last few months – when I’m out on lessons – the same instructor cars parked empty outside the same houses for most of the day (local franchises or independents, mainly). It’s obviously where the driver lives, and it’s equally obvious that they don’t have much work.

And that’s the situation you’re getting yourself into if you only want “free” or “cheap” when you’re just starting out.

It’s a simple fact that if you’re a new ADI, there’s a greater than 99% chance you won’t survive if you try and do it alone, or cheaply.

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