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TickWell done to Helen, who passed first time with just 4 driver faults. I told you you could do it – hopefully you’ll now realise that what I told you is true: if you’re confident in life you can achieve anything!

Helen suffers from “exam dyslexia”. I’m not sure if that’s a recognised condition, but it’s definitely something her school has identified. We were worried it would get to her on her driving test, but it didn’t.

This also provided a very useful entry for her awards scheme portfolio, which I was glad to be able to complete for her.

Anyway, with this – and the pass mentioned in the previous post – it now means that all my pupils who’ve gone to test this year have passed, except for one. And it puts my pass rate for the year at 70%, which is much more like last year after a rocky start to 2013.

It’s funny how no matter how good your pass rate is, just a couple of fails make you start to question what you’re doing. A run of passes – five in a row at the moment – fix that, though.

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