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This is an old story. Note that they stopped doing tests at Clarendon Street in late 2014. Clifton is still used. Watnall is also now on the list – so you have Colwick, Watnall, Beeston, Clifton as valid choices for your test.

I mentioned this in passing a few weeks ago. While registering with the DSA’s new ADI portal I noticed that one of the available Nottingham test venues was listed as Trent University Clifton Campus. At that time there wasn’t any further information available (I suppose if there had, 90% of Nottingham’s ADIs would have been heading over to the Clifton site and causing traffic chaos, just like they did when the Chalfont Drive relocation was mooted).

But now it has been officially announced.

Driving tests are now going to be hosted from Clarendon Street in the City Centre and from the Clifton Campus.

It’s only a trial and tests will only go out two days a week. The trial is expected to last 3 to 6 months, and will commence from March, the report says.

Tests are not restricted to students – they’re a local facility.

I don’t have a problem with either venue and – on paper – this is a great idea. However, I wouldn’t expect the city centre location to end up being very popular with candidates, and with work now technically in progress for the widening of the A453 (and the traffic chaos that will ensue – even above and beyond to continuous chaos that exists due to the A453 not being wider already – I can see the Clifton location faring badly if circumstances on the A453 take a poor turn.

This is one to watch, I think.

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