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This came through on the newsfeeds. A complete twat in an Audi – what else – was pictured on the M4 in Wales driving at around 70mph with a foot of snow on his car, and only a narrow slot on the front window to see out of.

BMW Reg. No. P19 RMWIt compares well with what I saw today: a BMW with private plates (reg. no. P19 RMW) doing similar speeds with a geometrically perfect half of the rear window – the driver’s side – covered in at least 6 inches of snow. He must have thought it was brilliantly funny to be doing that. He shot off down the ring road, and I could tell he’d passed because of the huge pile of snow half way down which had blown off – creating a skid hazard for everyone else.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Audi drivers and people with private plates shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

That report above was a result of the prat with the Audi being posted all over the internet – and police are now investigating. God! They’re SO clever, these idiots.

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