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An email alert advises that the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check is now known as the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. Read more here.

Note that this link applies to England and Wales only – it’s a different process in Scotland and Northern Ireland (links for those are in the link above).

Note that ADIs are required to get one of these – the enhanced one – each time they renew their licence, and one is required to become a PDI.

How do I know if my DBS check is OK?

When it comes back, if it doesn’t say anything about you being wanted by Interpol or any other authority, you’re probably good to go.

It’s best if it is completely “blank” (like mine is). If there is ANYTHING in ANY of the sections – and especially if it is related to driving, drugs, violence, or children – you’ll need to check with DVSA to see if it’s a problem. It could be, and even if it isn’t, it probably should be – DVSA is dumbing down at the moment and you might get lucky even if you are still stealing cars and engaging in high-speed police pursuits (as the “pursuiee”) for a living.

You won’t find the answer on the internet, so don’t go spending any money on training until you have been accepted on to the Register.

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