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I saw this on the newsfeeds. It tells how an Australian learner driver was videoed driving with his hands behind his head for a considerable distance (20km). In the video he is seen doing it alongside oncoming traffic (sorry about the advert – you can skip it):

He isn’t named in the article, but I doubt he’ll remain anonymous for long. If he doesn’t get the bright idea of going public about it himself, I’m sure someone else will do it for him.

Police have charged the 20-year old with reckless conduct likely to cause . And so they should serious injury, dangerous driving, and failure to have control of a motor vehicle.

Let’s hope the courts throw the book at him when he goes to court on April 3rd.

This illustrates why young drivers – especially male ones – throughout the world have the most accidents. It’s because for the majority of them, until their brains mature, they’re technically prats.

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